Clearcut Fat Burner, KETO Weight loss, Garcinia Combogia + Apple cidar vinegar + Green coffee + Green tea + L-carnitine + Guggule

 (as of June 6, 2021, 7:14 am) 399.00

STRONG AND ADVANCED- Clearcut Fat Burner tablet is power-packed with 1460 mg of our premium 8 well researched potent ingredients which may help boost metabolism, fat burning & weight loss while preserving the body’s of lean muscle mass.
MAINTAIN ENERGY- Optimal dosages of natural appetite suppressants & energy boosting ingredients to help control cravings and keep energy level high.
MAXIMUM PURITY & POTENCY- Highest Quality, Purity & Potency ingredients used. Garcinia Combogia (95% HCA), Green Coffee Bean Extract (90% CGA), Green Tea Extract (90% Polyphenols), Piper Nigrum extract (95% Piperine) & Guggule extract (3% Resin).