Golwalla’s Medicine for Students (A Reference Book for the Family Physician)Paperback – Illustrated, 1 January 2017

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Golwalla’s Medicine for Students, at times labelled as Bible in medicine has been a byword not only for students of allopathy but also those of dentistry, homeopathy, physiotherapy and even Ayurveda. The book by no means claims to be a standard textbook but has gained its increasing popularity over the years from the point of view of helping the undergraduate students to answer commonly asked question in both theory and viva-voce. Adequate number of tables, electrocardiographs and up-to-date investigations, including radiological, have been included to enhance its readable value. A number of family physicians are known to use this book as a reference volume because of its updated information on both diagnosis and treatment of maladies, both common and some uncommon.