Guide to Practice of Medicine with Homoeopathic Therapeutics,3rd edition: 2nd Edition: 1Paperback – 1 April 2009

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A Complete Textbook of Medicine for homeopathic students, it contains: Separate sections on each system (every chapter is written by eminent specialists of that field), Separate sections on Skin, Psychiatric and Infectious diseases, Special sections of Poisoning and Neonatology, Detailed descriptions of diseases including differential diagnosis and complications, Appendices on diet, clinical procedures and laboratory values, Up-to-date epidemiological data, Colored slides of important clinical conditions, Color reproductions of important X-rays, Homeopathic therapeutics This Second Edition contains:, TNM classification of tumors, Discussion on new diseases like COPD, HIV, Kuru and Prion, Lab diagnosis of all diseases, Enlarged sections on differential diagnosis and homeopathic therapeutics Undoubtedly, the most reliable manual on Practice of Medicine for homeopathic students available today!